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The Mall City

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Kalamazoo, MI:

Yes, there is a Kalamazoo! It’s nestled in scenic southwest Michigan, about two hours from Chicago and Detroit. Kalamazoo is known for its creative culture, where people are proud to show off what they have made with their hearts, minds, and hands. Whether it is a business venture, or a dish sourced from local farm-to-table ingredients, Kalamazoo has something to offer for everyone.

Kalamazoo was originally a Native American name although its exact origin hasn’t been pinpointed. Some say it means “the mirage of reflecting river,” while others say it means bubbling or boiling water.

Kalamazoo is known as the Paper City, the Celery City and the Mall City. So how exactly did the city get associated with a Mall?

The nickname dates back to 1959 and does not refer to an enclosed shopping mall like you might think but rather Kalamazoo’s downtown pedestrian mall, the first in the nation.

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport:

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport is located four (4) miles from downtown Kalamazoo. The airport also features a museum with many historic aircraft.

Distance to popular destinations

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Distance to popular destinations

Airport Info

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO)


5235 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002




Airport hours:

24 hours/7 days a week

Ticket counter hours:

Avelo ticket counters are available for flight and bag check-in approximately two hours before any scheduled departure and close 40 minutes prior to take off.

Recommended arrival time:

At least 90 minutes before departure

Amenities and services:

Business Club
Gift Shop
Meeting Rooms
Free Wi-Fi